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                              Welcome to Kaleidoscope Field Spaniels
Let me tell you a little bit about myself, what I do, and where we live.

        Ch. Gooseberry's Kezia Zoe
This lovely girl was my first Field Spaniel. She is also the reason I chose to always have them in my life. My wonderful girl crossed the Rainbow Bridge in September 2010, but she will always be in my heart.
Kaleidoscope Fields reside in a suberb of Rochester, New York. We overlook the Irondequoit Bay of Lake Ontario. The winters here can be a tad on the harsh side, but all that does is give all the dogs more fun stuff to play in. Of course, that means I'm also cleaning up alot of snow, and in the Spring alot of mud, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
I am now retired after a career at Kodak as a Mechanical Designer. I have since worked  part time as a designer for Imax, and part time at my sister's Animal Hospital. I am glad to be semi-retired now as I get to spend more time with my dogs!
     I have been involved in Field Spaniels since 1998, and have been a member of the Field Spaniel Society of America since 1999. I have served as an FSSA treasurer and have been a member of the Health Committee for many, many years as well.
    My first Field Spaniel, Zoe is pictured below. I loved this girl dearly, and she and I went everywhere together, including camping every summer. She passed away in 2010, but she is always in my heart.
     When I breed a litter, it is for the purpose of hopefully improving my line. When I plan to breed one of my girls, I investigate the pedigrees of potential Sires, and not only do I look for type and attributes to imrove what I have, but I also investigate the health of the Sire and what issues may be in the pedigree.  All my dogs live in my home as pets first and show dogs second. I love all my dogs and have here at Kaleidoscope, the Great Grandma and Great Aunt of my upcoming litters, as well as the Grandmother, and GrandSire.
     My puppies are raised in my home and exposed to as many different situations as possible. All litters are evaluated between 7 and 8 weeks old to determine structure and temperament so each puppy can be matched to their new homes.

Patricia Williams

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A proud member of the Field Spaniel Society of America since 1999.
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