Kaleidoscope Field Spaniels

"Got Snow"... A typical winter scene in Upper New York State
Seven months of snow is a bit much, don't you think?
Contact: Patricia Williams at

E-mail:  zoe175@juno.com

Phone: (585)314-2785

Sadly, my most recent breedings were unsuccesful. However, I plan to breed both my girls again in late winter to early Spring. This would hopefully mean puppies due in laye Spring. If interested, please fill out my online inquiry form.  
  Also, have patience. I am in the process of updating this website.
As you peruse this website, you may find that Field Spaniels aren't the breed for you. After all, not all breeds fit all people and their families. However, if you are intrigued by the breed and you wish to see more Fieldies and find that they may indeed be what you are looking for, then you'll never want to own anything else. They steal your heart and "own" you for life.
"Zoe" in the wilds of the Adironack Mountains
The home of several well loved family members of this wonderful breed.